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The topics of the conference are within the scoped of IJEEE journal which can be found on HERE (journal website).


The International Conference on Architecture, Energy and Urbanism Management (ICAEUM) was conceived to highlight the role of architecture, energy, and urbanism in making our cities more resilient and sustainable.

The topics to be discussed at this online conference are related with efficient resources, zero energy buildings, resilient infrastructures, and resilience in human scale to finally form resilient urban areas.

Other topics that fit the scope and theme of the event are related to renewale energy, sustainable economy, recycling, and water and waste management.

This conference will take place online, on the 3rd and 4th of December 2020.

The organising committee is pleased to invite scholars, researchers, students (undergraduate/postgraduate), organisations, municipalities and any stakeholders to contribute to this event. Interested companies and individuals are also welcome to identify and exchange recent knowledge on the topics.

The abstracts and the full papers will be published in the E-book of the conference. The delegates will have the opportunity to apply for publication  in a special issue of the International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Springer, published since 2012.

Best regards,

Dr. Farivar Fazelpour

Conference Renewable Energy Systems Environment Engineering

Associate Professor

PhD, Energy and Environment, Freiburg University, Germany

IAU, STB, German Branch and Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch, Iran


Mrs. Elahe Mahian

Department of Architecture, University of Miami, U.S.A.


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Apply to chair conference sessions

If you would like to chair oral and posters sessions of the conference, please fill the following form:
Please note that only academics who submit a paper to the conference, can apply to chair sessions. You will receive a chair of session certificate at the end of the event.

Become sponsor or partner

If you wish to sponsor or become a partner of this conference, please contact Monica Martins on: